Obtain Copies of Court Records

You can obtain copies of court records by filing a request with the relevant court to gain access. Usually attorneys and businesses file requests for court records in relation to legal matters. Even for law firms and businesses, this process is often complex and time-consuming, especially if the necessary court records are housed in multiple districts and precincts. Firms often employ records retrieval companies to handle the records retrieval process, because records retrieval services maintain relationships with courts and police stations where these records are housed and have expertise in the request process.

Retrieve Court Records with The Records Company

The Records Company has the knowledge and relationships to cut through the red tape of requests for court records. You only need to contact us or complete our online request form, making the process simple for you. We will contact all the related authorities and save you the trouble of contacting or visiting the courts yourself. We deliver your requested records quickly and maintain a database so you can obtain additional copies of records if you need them up to five years after your initial request.

The Records Company to Court Records

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