Release of Information

The Records Company offers a range of on-site and remote solutions for faster, more efficient release of information, allowing you to do what you do best: serve patients.


    Our experts work with you to develop technology and processes suited to your organization's specific needs.

    For storage and release of information, one size does not fit all. On-site and online, we work with clients to learn about your organization, your practices, your workflow, and your needs to develop solutions tailor-made to your needs. Use our servers or your own. Work with our representatives on-site or online. We give you the freedom to choose the right fit for you.


    Our secure servers and technological infrastructure ensure full HIPAA compliance and guard against data breaches and unauthorized access

    The Records Company has a proven track record of providing our clients with the highest levels of security without sacrificing convenience. Enter the information for the records you need, and our system assembles the data. Our online portal gives you round-the-clock access to records when you need them with user-friendly forms and automated processes for fast turnaround.


    Ensure easier access to records and faster turnaround times for accurate fulfillment of records requests, leading to improved time management.

    Our services allow your organization to devote fewer hours to fulfilling records request and more hours to improved patient care. We exceed industry standards for accuracy, so you release the correct and complete information with every request.


    Greater efficiency in fulfilling requests leads to significant cost reductions as well as faster reimbursement for record providers.

    We bill for your medical records. If we receive a valid 3rd-party request, we use a sophisticated algorithm to properly bill the requester according to the state fee statute. We process the payment and release the records upon successful payment. We make this so easy!


    Our client specialists have years of experience in records management, giving them the technological and legal expertise to provide specialized support for your organization.

    Our team of researchers and retrievers are well- versed in HIPAA Compliance and Federal and State Laws/Statutes. Our Compliance Officers perform quality assurance checks that exceed HIPAA Requirements to be sure your patients get exactly what they need. We handle all the compliance deadlines, all the security, all the research and retrieval; we even handle all the billing! You get the peace of mind that you are HIPAA Compliant without even having to handle a single request.


    We partner with healthcare providers large and small to connect them with records requesters all over the United States.

    Our years of experience in records retrieval and management have allowed The Records Company to build a network of contacts that extends to all 50 states. Those relationships allow us to provide superior speed and efficiency for records providers as well.


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