The Records Company strives to provide the highest quality customer service, the most secure records retrieval and delivery, and the most streamlined, simplified, and intuitive records retrieval process. If you have any questions that aren’t listed here,
please don’t hesitate to contact us. –The Records Company

In a nutshell, we save you money and time.With all things being equal, operational cost becomes the primary concern for law firms, insurance companies, independent adjusters, or any other business seeking medical and billing records on behalf of clients and/or relating to claims and litigation. Our fees are the most competitive in the industry. We also enforce state regulations governing the dollar amount records providers are allowed to charge our clients for any records requested through us. Our comprehensive knowledge ensures you don’t get overcharged by state authorities.Time is money. Rarely are requests for medical records magically delivered in fewer than 2 to 4 weeks, but we minimize the time you wait between request and delivery. We have staff dedicated solely to tracking requests and following up with providers on a routine basis to ensure no request falls through the cracks, gets overlooked, or gets sent to the wrong requester. For law firms that enlist paralegals to retrieve records, the amount of time such employees will save from their workday enables them to focus their time on the more productive needs of the firm and the clients they represent.

You should use a records retrieval service because it can save you valuable time and money. Our company has the knowledge and experience to request all of the records (which may be several separate records requests) and get everything to you that you will need to proceed. The Records Company makes sure to do that for you—so you make one request and get all of the records.
The problem with in-house requests may be that your employees find out later that there are multiple records that require multiple requests. The employees then have to make a new request, which takes longer to settle a claim. This affects the client and the attorney representing him/her. By using The Records Company, you can allow your staff to focus on other important things—like settling claims, drafting legal documents, writing letters, talking to the client, or whatever else they do. Additionally, the cost of using this company can be passed on to the client as an expense.
Turn around times vary and are heavily dependent upon effective tracking and follow up with the record provider. Each medical provider has different processing procedures. We track those procedures to ensure the timeliest return possible. In other words, The Records Company commits to communicate directly and frequently with each provider so we can get your records in expedited fashion. While the actual time varies by company and governing laws, typically medical records requests are fulfilled, 2 to 4 weeks from the date of the request.
Records are kept available through the portal for 1 year from the date that they are uploaded and your request closed. We also electronically archive the records at our company, so they are available for 5 years after the request date.
Yes, we do retrieve employment records.
In 1996, U.S. Congress enacted The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Some of the provisions in this act address the security and privacy of health data. The standards apply to the widespread use of electronic data interchange in the U.S. health care system.
The Records Company complies with HIPAA by employing 128-bit encryption SSL (secured socket layer) for any health data transaction. This lets you know that your clients sensitive data is protected through industry-standard technology.
To use our services online, simply register for an account and submit your records retrieval request through our secure online portal. It’s fast, easy, and there are no up-front costs. You can also begin using our services by contacting us by phone or email.

For medium to large law firms, insurance companies, or any other company needing multiple user access, do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Director, directly, for any questions: Agata Zachary at (513) 795-0724 or email

With each request, we ask for as much detailed information as you can supply. If there is discovery service still needed, our staff will help you find all the records related to your case. Just make sure you give us the name, record types, dates, and other pertinent information.
Submission of a standard record request consists of receiving a request for an individual’s medical, billing, radiology, or physician’s billing statement, drafting and submitting the request to the provider and/or their third-party servicer, and following up at least once a week, or as reasonably determined through communication with the provider until the request is completed. We offer expedited services, as well as many other additional services. For more information and pricing, please contact our Business Development Team by calling (513) 795-0724.
1. We process your request in our system.
2. We contact the service provider and transmit your request [pursuant to their preferred method.]
3. We pay the provider up front for your records prior to receiving them.
4. We follow up with your service provider to ensure timely delivery of your records to us.
5. Once your record is received, we upload them, along with an invoice for our fee and the cost of the records from the provider to your secure online portal for you to retrieve.
6. We maintain your records in our database for your access for 1 year and up to 5 years in our secure archive.