What Records Management Is

Records management involves supervising and administrating digital or paper records, including creation, maintenance, use, and timely discard of records. Documents may include contracts, memos, reports, emails, videos, instant message logs, databases, and other kinds of print and electronic files. Physical records are stored in boxes, file cabinets, or other specialized facilities. Digital records are stored in hard drives or online servers. With any type of filing system, the more records you have, the more complicated it can be to locate and retrieve what you need when you need it.

The Records Company: Records Management and Storage Solutions

The Records Company provides first-class solutions to make your records management more efficient and accessible. We collect and store your records in our secure data storage facility where you can access your records through our online portal or through our staff. Our records management systems optimize the value of your data. By allowing you fast, easy, and secure access to your files, we reduce the cost and risk of other storage options.

The Records Company for Records Management

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