We are always hiring professionals to work in our sales and marketing department, call center, and records processing division. If you have experience with customer service, client support, data entry, or accounts payable and receivable, we may be the right fit for you! Fill out an application to get started with The Records Company.

Client Specialist

The client specialist is responsible for customer service with our clients and providers. The position is approximately 60% outgoing phone calls with 5% incoming phone calls and 35% communication via other means and noting the progress with each call/communication. This position is fast-paced and demands the employee be able to switch tasks and move between communication tools quickly and accurately. Once trained, the employee will have an assigned client list to solely manage. Apply Now

Processing Clerk

The processing clerk takes files and spreadsheets and translates that information into different formats for processing. Processing will consist of faxing, emailing, and mailing. Processing clerks must also document all work and communicate to supervisors and coworkers efficiently. This position must be able to handle a large amount of processing every day and must be able to use email, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, fax machines and digital fax applications, and Apple software.Apply Now

Business-to-Business Salesperson

The B2B Salesperson will work directly with our marketing director and legal counsel to devise sales and marketing plans but will be responsible for generating his/her own leads and any/all travel will be reimbursed upon successful sales. This position will have a base salary and commission based on sales. Six to eight weeks of training will be provided.Apply Now

Records Processor

The records processor receives medical records and other files and must verify they are correct and complete before invoicing and providing to clients. Records processors must have a keen eye for details and be able to work effectively in a quick-paced position. This position requires use of various online portals, as well as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, fax machines and digital fax applications, and Apple software.Apply Now

Data Entry Specialist

The data entry specialist reviews and manages daily request intake spreadsheets. Data entry specialists must perform data entry and analysis including reviewing Excel spreadsheets for inaccuracies, verifying information, and replacing/updating information. This position is vital to our process and will be monitored and audited daily by supervisory staff. The ideal candidate will have strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, a keen eye for detail, and a professional communication style.Apply Now