Improve Results and Convenience for Records Requests

The Records Company provides that efficiency, speed, and convenience for medical record retrieval, organization, and storage.

Improve Results and Convenience for Records Requests

Although most healthcare providers now use electronic medical record (EMR) systems to collect and preserve patient data, medical record retrieval still relies heavily on faxes, web portals, and conventional mail to process requests and deliveries of charts and imaging. At the same time, healthcare and insurance providers face an increasing need to share medical record information in order to determine appropriate care strategies and reimbursement rates. Efficient use of resources, fast turnaround times, and improved convenience are essential for medical record retrieval.

The Records Company provides that efficiency, speed, and convenience for medical record retrieval, organization, and storage. We meet and exceed industry standards for return on medical record requests with our experience, expertise, and up-to-the minute technological resources and clear communication with clients

The Records Company Difference

Reduce paperwork and turnaround times, increase convenience for medical record requests.

Full transparency at Every stage

Full transparency at every stage of the retrieval process through individual communications and status updates on our secure online portal.

Faster Delivery

Faster delivery speed with file transfer technology.

Superior Service for Superior Results

Our team has decades of experience in the legal field and in medical record retrieval, providing us with an extensive base of knowledge that we put to work for our clients every day. We work with law firms, insurance companies, and healthcare providers nationwide to address needs related to the following:

  • Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance adjustments and reimbursements
  • RADV audits and response
  • HEDIS performance measures
  • DRG claims management
  • Life insurance risk assessments
  • Litigation and discovery support

In addition to specialized training in use of our record retrieval and management technologies, our client specialists are certified in HIPAA compliance and versed in state and federal policies governing record retrieval costs and time frames. We have staff members fluent in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, and Russian, allowing us to address a diverse base of clients and providers.

Lower Costs and Faster Turnaround Times

Our secure online portal and laser focus on customer service ensure a smooth record retrieval process for clients at the lowest possible rates.

  • We work with clients to assess special needs and develop individualized strategies to meet those needs.
  • Our nationwide network of contacts in healthcare and municipal facilities, such as emergency services, allows us to tailor our approach to assemble the most complete records with maximum efficiency.
  • Our relationships with clients and record providers facilitate personalized and specific communications that achieve faster results.
  • We maintain a detailed database of record providers and points of contact in all 50 states, including contact information, opening hours, and retrieval methods, to assure seamless retrieval practices.
  • Providers can transfer records via electronic upload to our online portal, or provide hard copies via fax or mail. Clients can use these same methods to receive their records.
  • Our client specialists follow up on every request we submit via telephone and email to guarantee faster fulfillment of requests.
  • Upon receipt, we store records for immediate retrieval for one year on our secure servers; records are then archived on servers for additional five years should clients need additional access.
  • Client specialists communicate via emailed reports and updates on our secure online interface, allowing clients to track the progress of each request from submission to delivery.
  • Clients within the same organization can access records through a single account for easier collaboration and file sharing.

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