We go beyond just records retrieval.

Records Retrieval Services

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Provider Research

We research medical records and notify you if another provider has medical records, bills, or otherwise available for a request that you may not be aware of such as physician’s bill, ambulance report, Medicare and/or Medicaid lien information, and various other records. This helps you so that you have all of the documents available without spending additional time reordering at the end.


Request Preparation

We draft the necessary request documents in order to retrieve your needed records. We also verify the authorization that you submitted and notify you if there is a separate specific authorization for the provider. We even contact your client on your behalf if you want. This is done to save you time and we’re glad to help.


Consistent Follow-up

We contact the medical provider(s) on your behalf without you ever having to pick up the phone. We follow up consistently to ensure that your request was received, processed, and your requested records are on the way. This helps avoid situations where providers often lose requests.


Status Updates

The Records Company has a state of the art information management system. We provide you updates once they become available to us on each individual request so that you do not have to worry about where your request may be. Even more awesome is the fact that you can log into your secure online portal and correspond with us on each individual request should you need information or need to provide us additional information and/or documentation.


HIPAA Compliant

In addition to constant security monitoring, we conduct employee background checks and provide HIPAA education to all employees to protect the health information obtained for our clients. Our Privacy Officer monitors regulatory changes to mitigate the risk of any data privacy and security breaches.


Notary Services

We provide notary services to firms and individuals in the State of Ohio. We also provide this in case we need to certify a document to be true and correct for any legal proceedings.