The Records Company Partners with Podcast

penby Amanda Smith
pen December 10, 2020

The Records Company is proud to announce its partnership with In the Grind with Meg and Grady, a lifestyle podcast exploring the challenges of work-life balance, and all that entails.

Meg and Grady are The Records Company president and chairman Grady Marin and business development coordinator Meagan Ryana. The two have a lifelong friendship that they’re now bringing to the podcast format to discuss relationships, mental health, employment opportunities, travel, family life, and many other topics at the forefront in the minds of many busy professionals.

The tone of the podcast is meant to be a lighthearted but informative look at these challenges, according to Marin. “We wanted to reach about to people, talk about things that people don’t really get to talk about,” he says, adding, “I want people to know that we’re real and that we can work, be professional, and produce, but that we’re also just people.”

In the Grind with Meg and Grady premiered its first episode on Thursday, December 3, 2020, and new episodes will be available every Thursday morning on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and other podcast streaming platforms.

The Records Company works with law firms, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and other businesses around the United States. We offer retrieval and storage of medical, business, and other paper and electronic records from all 50 states as well as international sources. The company has retrieved and delivered more than 3.6 million records since 2013.