July 2, 2020 Amanda Smith

Celebrate Responsibly This July Fourth

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We already know July Fourth celebrations are going to look different this year, in the age of social distancing. You can still use the holiday weekend to catch up with friends and family or just enjoy some hard-earned rest and relaxation. Here are some ideas to help maintain safety while keeping it festive.

Backyard Parties

July Fourth has always meant cookouts, picnics, and other types of gatherings for families and friends. While skipping gatherings of people is the still safest option in terms of avoiding infection, it’s important to weigh the risk against the benefits of contact with loved ones. If you’re hosting or attending a gathering, the CDC recommends keeping the number of guests small, maintaining a six-foot distance between people, and consistently using masks or face coverings — pretty much as you would do anytime you’re around other people. 

If you’re hosting an event, you’ll need to think about food safety beyond cooking the hamburgers and making sure nobody leaves the potato salad sitting in the sun. Single servings are your friends this year. Communal dishes and pitchers can pose a hazard, so it’s safer to either pre-package food items into individual bags and plates or use designated servers to dish out food and pour beverages (with masks and gloves, of course).

Festive at Home

If you opt to stay at home, you can treat yourself in other ways. Dress up; make decorations; serve your household a special meal or treat. Plus, there’s always Zoom. Have a party or a game night on Zoom in safety and confidence– and the bonus is that you’ll have very little clean up afterward, unlike the traditional backyard barbecue.

Out and About

Of course, you don’t have to stay home to maintain social distance. Camping and boating are enjoying surges in popularity this summer as ways to get out of the house while preserving safety. Hiking or day trips into the outdoors are also good options, as long as you choose your location wisely.

Fireworks Tips

You can’t talk about July Fourth and not talk about fireworks displays. While some towns and cities have cancelled or delayed their displays this year, others are offering virtual or televised events. If you do decide to attend a display in person, check what kind of social distancing options will be available to you. In areas where municipal fireworks displays are visible from a distance, you might find a good location to watch from your car or from an isolated outdoor spot. Scout the area to make a plan.

If you’re planning on a DIY fireworks display, use the recommended safety procedures for handling fireworks, including washing your hands with soap and water. The alcohol in hand sanitizer is combustible, so keep it off your hands and away from your display area if you’re going to handle fireworks. Finally, take care to keep your own and your neighbors’ pets safe

Our goal at The Records Company is to make your work life easier so you have more time to do the things you love, so we wish you a relaxing and stress-free holiday weekend in these unusual times. As always, you can contact us anytime with questions or to learn more about how we can help you expand your leisure time beyond the holiday weekend.

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