October 2, 2019 Amanda Smith

Hack Your Commute! Get Productive During Drive Time

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Hack Your Commute

If you work in the United States, chances are you commute to work. According to 2017 data from the US Census Bureau (the most recent year with data available), almost 153 million US workers commute to work, and the vast majority of those workers commute via car, truck, or van. While most of us face a commute around half an hour, the number of “supercommuters“—workers whose commute exceeds 90 minutes—is growing.

It’s possible you see your commute as a time to unplug and get into the right mindset for your day. However, if you see your commute as time you could be doing something more productive, read on and discover some ideas to make your drive time a more meaningful part of the day.


One of the easiest ways to make your commute more productive and engaging is to use the time to catch up on developments in your industry. The ready availability of audiobooks for download means reading isn’t the sole province of public transportation commuters. You can also check out the wealth of podcasts available for pretty much any topic that interests you.


Bluetooth and hands-free calling mean commute time can be time to make important calls while you’re behind the wheel. Call your team to set up goals for the day. Touch base with networking contacts. Make appointments. You can even hold a meeting.

Write (That’s Right!)

Voice-to-type apps can open up a range of options for setting up your day while you’re in the car. You can set up your daily to-do list, make notes for a meeting, draft documents, prepare a speech, update your calendar, brainstorm ideas or start work on your novel.


All those audiobooks and podcasts can also help you break beyond your industry and learn a new skill or satisfy your curiosity. One place to focus your audiobook and podcast learning is on building fluency in a new language, which comes with a host of personal and professional benefits. Your car commute is a perfect place for this because it offers consistent daily practice time in a private environment. What do you have to lose?

If your commute—or anything else—puts your time at a premium, let us take care of your records retrieval needs. We can’t open a free lane on the highway, but our fast, reliable service can give you one less thing to worry about when you’re stuck in traffic. Contact us today.

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