September 12, 2017 Amanda Smith

From Login to Delivery, Our Features Save You Time

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You may already know how The Records Company’s superior knowledge of medical records law can save you money. You may not know how The Records Company’s user-friendly platform can save you valuable time.

How to Register

Registration is free and takes minutes. On our registration page, submit your name and email address and create a username and password. You will receive a confirmation in your email within minutes. Be sure to refresh your mailbox or check your spam folder if you don’t see it quickly. Follow the link in your email to activate your account, then you’re ready to start submitting requests.

Time-Saving Features

Because we know even saving a few minutes in a busy workday can make a big difference for your productivity, we offer options to make request submission as streamlined as possible. To submit a new record request, simply login to the portal and choose the type of request you want to submit. You’ll see a form where you fill in basic details about your case, location, and time frame.

Our online request form offers an option to copy information from previous requests, so you don’t have to spend time repeating information over multiple forms. We also offer an auto-fill feature, which allows you to select a healthcare provider from the drop-down menu. Our system then completes the provider information sections for you. You can also keep your billing information on file for quicker completion of future forms.

When your request form is complete, you’ll review your information and submit to our staff. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with additional information about your request. You can check the status of your request through the portal anytime. We review your request for accuracy and determine if you might need additional records for your specific case.

Other Features

In addition to tracking your request through our portal, you can also view and pay your invoices through our portal. You can send us a message at any point during your record request process by clicking the button in the lower right corner of the screen. When your records are available, we upload them to a secure website for immediate access, but you can also request hard copies or transmission via CD or other storage device. At every step of the retrieval process, our portal is designed to add precious minutes, or hours, to your day, freeing your staff to concentrate on other tasks.