February 20, 2017 Addie K Martin

Outsourcing—When Does it Make Sense?

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When used effectively, outsourcing can be a smart way to reduce your costs while allowing your company or firm to focus on its core services. Outsourcing your non-core functions allows your company to optimize its workflow, work more efficiently, and control costs more closely. In today’s competitive business world, where everyone’s looking to gain a financial edge without sacrificing quality of services offered, outsourcing just may be the answer for you.

To be clear, there are real concerns that need addressing when outsourcing. High standards and a formal vetting process go a long way toward ensuring that you’re contracting with the right outsourcing partners for your company or firm. If you’re not sure where to start, gather recommendations from trusted peers and/or trade associations. It’s also critical to also set rigorous standards for and have high expectations of your vendors. Above all, the most effective thing you can do is know exactly what you want and need from any outsourcing companies assisting with your firm’s operations.

Still not sure if outsourcing is the right option for your company? Encountering one (or more) of the situations below can be a signal that your firm is ready to take the next step…

When you’re looking to lower costs… The bottom line is that in most cases, it’s more cost effective to outsource many support functions instead of handling them in-house. Not only are you saving on salary and benefits costs, your firm or company is only paying for services when they’re actively being used so your dollars are being used efficiently and effectively.

When you need to decrease overhead… Why use part of a few peoples’ full-time salaries to cover a position that’s actually too small for a dedicated staff hire? Instead of using your skilled staff in areas where they only possess average skills, you can outsource things like accounting, payroll, and document management to companies that handle those things on a part-time basis for all of their clients.

When you’re ready to streamline operations… Your company will function best when your internal staff has the ability to focus on core skills instead of trying to help with all the smaller, less focused parts of running a law firm or company. Using outside companies for things like e-discovery, IT services, claims management, and cybersecurity allows your business to contract with people who specialize in these things so your company can focus on day-to-day operation, litigation, and casework.

When you’re looking to simplify… Outsourcing support roles can allow for smaller, less expensive office space. Many positions nowadays can be completed remotely and don’t require in-house staff. Also, for example, contracting an external vendor to store files means no more storing files on site. Why use your expensive office space as a file storage cabinet?

When you want a fresh perspective… Outsourcing to smart firms who specialize in fields like marketing/advertising, business development, and strategic planning ensures that you’re getting fresh, cutting edge thinking. While your firm is focused on pursuing cases, these specialists are doing their part to ensure your success. The skills brought to the table by these types of firms can complement what your attorneys, adjusters, and other on-site staff are hard at work doing for you.

When you need everyone playing to their strengths… When you use outsourcing wisely, you work with firms that have more experience and expertise than you could likely find (and hire) on your own. Companies like us, The Records Company, along with other companies in fields like human resources and risk management, specialize in work that’s often tedious and time consuming. We have the specialized knowledge, experience, and know-how to complete tasks quickly, efficiently, and often for a fraction of the cost of doing the work in-house.


As your firm or company grows, you may find outsourcing becoming an increasingly attractive option. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs or overhead, streamline or simplify operations, or you’re just looking for a fresh perspective from dedicated specialists, outsourcing can be a cost effective and strategic option for you. Start by giving The Records Company a try for your records retrieval needs. It’s free to sign up for an account, and we don’t require monthly contracts or hefty fees. Let us help you work more efficiently and effectively!