March 6, 2018 Amanda Smith

What Your Clients Want and How We Assist

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Two of the most common and important factors clients look for when choosing legal representation are consistent communication and fair, transparent pricing for services. The practice of law is driven by many of the same market forces that drive any other business, so these factors take on additional importance as a firm competes with other firms that have comparable expertise, qualifications, and experience.

While litigation support services such as records retrieval can’t change a firm’s level of qualifications or years of experience, these services can help keep costs down and improve availability for communication.


Clients want to be heard and to feel as if they matter. Many of them choose to pursue legal action simply because they want, even need, their stories to be told. They want to know their phone calls will be returned, their emails answered, in a timely manner. They don’t want to spend weeks wondering and worrying what their attorneys are doing on their behalf—or if their attorneys are doing anything at all. While it’s not reasonable or desirable to maintain constant contact, consistent contact is reasonable and desirable. The easiest way to signal a client’s importance is to set clear guidelines for communication, adhere to those guidelines, and get back to them quickly.

It’s easier to provide consistent contact and give clients full attention if a firm’s attorneys or staff have time to engage in such contact. This is where litigation support, such as records retrieval, can make a difference. Retrieving records of any kind requires completion of forms, sometimes mountains of them. It may require extensive research to locate information and additional research to navigate state and local regulations if the records are located in multiple states or jurisdictions. Then there are the phone calls and follow-up to be sure the requests are fulfilled reasonably quickly.

In short, going through all the steps of retrieving records requires time and energy from a legal team that can be spent responding to clients and keeping them informed about the progress of their case. The Records Company allows you to free those hours of tracking down information and use them to focus on providing great communication and service to your clients.


Nobody likes bills, whether they’re appearing at the end of a fine meal or at the end of a successful legal action. However, there are ways to make billing more palatable. A clearly established fee agreement and payment process are key ways to keep clients from experiencing sticker shock. Unexpected expenses may arise, but clear communication of the value and necessity of services will preserve trust. It’s even better if the final expenses come through at or under budget.

By using a records retrieval service, you can avoid some of those unexpected charges. Those hours dedicated to records retrieval aren’t just hours that allow you to provide additional value to your clients’ service, they may save your clients money. The Records Company works diligently to locate and retrieve records at the lowest rates allowed by state and federal regulations, which means fewer surprises in the billing process for you and your clients.


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