January 17, 2017 Addie K Martin

When to Outsource Medical Records Retrieval

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Picture this: You’re once again swimming in a mountain of medical records while waiting for several more packets to arrive in the mail. You have tons of other, higher revenue-generating work to complete, but somehow, all of these records need to be combed through, organized, summarized, processed, and incorporated into the case work. Where will you find the time?

If this situation looks or sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. Law firms and insurance adjusters around the country who still handle medical records retrieval in house (and mostly offline) face this problem daily. However, help is here. We, The Records Company, are here for you and want to show you that by doing what we do best—medical records retrieval—we can help free up your time to focus on what you do best in your job.

Best of all, we’re located right in America’s heartland near Cincinnati, Ohio. You may be outsourcing but your business is staying right here in the US, handled by native English speakers during normal business hours. Think of us as an extension of your firm, several extra pairs of helping hands that you’ll only need to pay when you submit a request.

Still not sure if outsourcing is right for you? Here’s our handy seven item checklist for how to know when it’s time to outsource medical records retrieval:

Too Many Employees – When you’re paying salaries to people whose only job it is to handle records retrieval or if you’re spending too many of your paralegals’ or administrative assistants’ time on records requests, it’s time to outsource.

Overwhelm Sets In – When you have more requests than staff hours to effectively handle them, it’s time to outsource.

Tracking is Nearly Impossible – When you have so many concurrent requests that you can’t even keep track of them all, it’s time to outsource.

Nothing Happens Fast Enough – When you feel like you’re waiting forever for all those paper copies of records to arrive via snail mail, it’s time to outsource.

There’s Never Enough Time – When you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to research, order, track requests, process and organize records, it’s time to outsource.

Money Flows Out Too Freely – When you feel like you’re spending way too much money on records requests—either in request fees or in staff hours spent on the projects—it’s time to outsource.

Accounting Issues Arise – When the billing process for these records requests makes the prospect of dealing with them nightmarish, it’s time to outsource.

Bottom line: If you find your firm in one or more of these situations, it’s time to outsource medical records retrieval.

Let us, The Records Company, handle your records retrieval needs. Our state-of-the art online portal makes submitting requests fast and easy. Since we don’t require contracts or monthly fees, we save your firm money by only charging when you submit requests. You also might be surprised to learn that our rates are lower than the salary hours you’re paying your full-time staff to complete requests. Plus, we can complete the records process quicker and more efficiently than you can in-house, and we provide status updates along the way in our portal—we don’t leave you in the dark. And then finally, when you receive records from us, they’re orderly, summarized, and complete. No wading through mountains of paper to get the few nuggets of information you need.

Sign up for a free account today and take a look around. Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do!

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