March 19, 2020 Amanda Smith

ROI Services for Stressed Medical Practices

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Right now medical practices all over the United States need to operate more efficiently than ever before. You may be working with a reduced office crew. Remote work may or may not be an option for your office staff, yet you still need your practice to run smoothly. Records need to be shared for treatment purposes. Insurance companies need information. Billing has to be done. These things still have to happen even though you want to focus on patient care.

The Records Company can help you. We offer options and solutions to make release of information easier and smoother in the best of times and the most trying times. Our secure servers give your practice the peace of mind that your patient privacy is fully protected. Our contacts in the healthcare and insurance industry allow us to automate release of information requests, so you and your office staff can help patients with their immediate needs instead of dealing with excess paperwork. Our online portal allows your staff to process patient and third-party requests for records remotely, any time of day or night.

We promise fast turnaround times consistent with industry standards, affordable costs, HIPAA compliance, and superior service. We will work with your practice every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition and an ROI model using up-to-the minute, user-friendly technology tailored to fit your needs — now and in the future. Setup for electronic record systems takes only a little time, and it could save you and your staff hours in the weeks and months to come. We understand these are trying times for everyone working in healthcare, and we offer our sincerest gratitude for the efforts of workers facing this epidemic. We at The Records Company are with you, and we’re eager to help make your lives easier however we can.

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