April 3, 2017 Addie K Martin

How We Help Clients Lower Costs

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Along with our top level customer service, we pride also ourselves on the fact that with each records request we fulfill, we help clients lower costs. Our service is both cost effective and affordable, much to the delight of our customers. We help achieve these savings in several ways but namely by lowering overhead, providing years of experience, and being a one-stop shop. Let’s explore each aspect more specifically…

Lowering Overhead

The number one way we can save your firm or company money is that by outsourcing to us, you’re lowering overhead costs. Not only are we completing the actual records retrieval work, we’re also handling everything else that that goes along with it. We review your request for completeness; manage the provider communications process; navigate the follow-up process; receive, verify, and process records; summarize them; and turn everything over to you in a neat, easy-to-use, and orderly manner. This way your team can focus on the higher value aspects of your client work while we handle all of the details of records retrieval.

Providing Years of Experience

We’re records retrieval specialists with decades of experience so we can complete the process more efficiently. Our team has delivered hundreds of thousands of records so we have the experience and the know-how to get the job done correctly and completely. We also have the knowledge required to acquire the necessary records to complete your request in fewer overall steps than might be needed if you were doing it in-house. Our operations and employees are based here in the United States, but our familiarity with a wide range of providers all over the world ensures that we work effectively for both your firm and your clients.

Being a One-Stop Shop

We specialize in medical records retrieval, but we offer a host of other complementary services as well. You can come to us for a variety of needs. We handle Medicaid and Medicare records along with assisting in matters related to litigation and depositions. We even retrieve employment records, and we provide notary services in the state of Ohio. To top that, we also understand the records retrieval business from a provider’s point of view because we handle medical and billing records request fulfillment for thousands of healthcare professionals nationwide. Our well-rounded experience in many of the aspects related to medical records ensures that we’re always able to deliver on what our clients ask for in the most cost effective manner possible.


If you’re considering outsourcing medical records retrieval as a way to lower costs or run your firm or company’s operations more efficiently, give us a try. Sign up for a free account today and take a look around our portal. You only pay when you submit a request, and we never require hefty monthly fees or contracts, though if it suits your company’s needs, you can always request a contract for a length of service that may reduce your request costs overall. Let us help you start lowering your costs today!