November 14, 2017 Amanda Smith

Litigation Support: Why Your Clients Need Records Retrieval

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By their very nature, legal actions and litigation are stressful for clients. They trust their attorneys and legal team to bring these actions to a swift and satisfying close. In the interim, legal actions can be all-consuming for clients as they worry about the outcome of their case. While you can’t ensure the outcome they want, using a records retrieval service can help you reduce their anxiety as the case proceeds.

Multiple scientific studies detail the failures of human perception and memory. If a client has an experience that has led them to pursue legal action, that experience is unpleasant at best. If that experience is one that requires medical records to corroborate—which could be anything from a bad surgery to childhood abuse—then it may be deeply traumatic to remember and recount. Trauma doesn’t create a mindset that lends itself to perfect memory. Medical records fill those gaps in memory, providing details the client may not fully recall, corroborating their stories or indicating inconsistencies. These details give everyone involved in the case a much clearer picture of the events that provide the basis for legal action.

Although Americans have been relocating less frequently in recent years, the United States still has one of the most mobile societies in the world. That means we are seeing doctors and going to hospitals all around the country—maybe even around the world– which can make obtaining medical records a tricky proposition when a legal proceeding requires comprehensive documentation. A records retrieval service can operate quickly and efficiently across state lines and international borders because they have the expertise to navigate the maze of regulations that vary from one location to the next. When you turn records retrieval over to a service like The Records Company, you save yourself and your client the hassle and anxiety of assembling records from multiple locales.

Because The Records Company has a staff of experts dedicated to finding the records your clients need, we can deliver those records quickly and efficiently, usually within a few weeks. Compare that to months of waiting while your client or staff try to negotiate the process of retrieving records using their own resources. Legal actions are driven by deadlines, so fast return of the materials you need ensures you are prepared for court dates, and your client doesn’t suffer the anxiety associated with delays. We deliver fast so you can get your clients to the resolution they need to move on with their lives.

Legal action is rarely cheap, but The Records Company can make legal costs a little more palatable for your clients. If you use a records retrieval service, you can assure your clients you are getting the best rates allowed by law for retrieving, copying, and transmitting medical records. That assurance means your client knows you aren’t billing them for unnecessary services, building the trust that will allow your case to proceed more smoothly.