February 20, 2018 Amanda Smith

Outsource with Confidence at The Records Company

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So, you’re considering outsourcing records retrieval to The Records Company. You’ve done your research. You know our registration process is quick and painless. You know our online portal is easy to use. You know we step in and save your employees time and energy they can use to focus on other tasks. You know our client specialists have comprehensive knowledge of federal and state regulations that ensure you get your records quickly and at the lowest cost. Still, you have questions. We have answers.

What About Security?

All the records we retrieve contain sensitive information, but medical records are especially sensitive. You want to be sure any records we retrieve for your clients is fully secure, for their peace of mind and yours. We offer state-of-the art encryption when retrieving and storing electronic records and paper records converted to electronic format. Your records are accessible only through our secure password-protected portal.

What About Privacy?

Beyond the technology we use to protect your information and your records, our client specialists’ rigorous training in HIPAA regulations guarantees we are fully compliant with privacy rules governing medical records. These specialists are fully vetted through background checks and complete a HIPAA compliance course each year they work for The Records Company. We treat your clients’ records the same way their healthcare providers treat that information. We do not share your information with anyone.

What Happens After I Submit a Request?

After you file your request, it is assigned to a client specialist who will shepherd the request through the fulfillment process. Your specialist submits your request to the necessary entities and follows up with those entities, so your request doesn’t get lost in a bureaucratic shuffle. Your request is your specialist’s priority. You can check the status of your request through our secure portal at any time, but we also send you regular updates to keep you apprised of your request’s progress through the system. When the records are available through the secure portal, we notify you. You can also contact us directly with questions at any time before, during, or after processing of your request.

Our Goal

Simply put, we are here to help your business or firm run more smoothly. We diligently safeguard your information and are available through multiple channels to assist you however we can. When you choose to outsource records retrieval with us, you can proceed with full confidence in our processes.

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