August 29, 2019 Amanda Smith

Services Above and Beyond Records Retrieval

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Retrieving, delivering, and storing records are only a part of the services we provide that can save you time and money. You already know we provide superior litigation support for personal injury and other cases with one-stop shopping for all the records you may need for a case—medical records, EMS reports, employment records, legal records, and more. You may not know about the range of additional services we offer, which allows you to customize your records request to fit your specific needs.

Successful litigation comprises a lot of moving parts. Your chances of success are greatly enhanced when your team can prepare each of those parts in a thorough and focused way. Our client specialists and legal experts supplement your paralegals and staff members to prepare records for settlement negotiations and court proceedings. Your team is free to focus on the other details that will bring your client a speedy and favorable resolution to their case.

We offer a full suite of services, from basics such as translation and certification of records, to more advanced services to assist in discovery and beyond. Below is a sampling from the range of litigation support services we offer to create court-ready exhibits for you:

               Chronologies and Timelines

               Key Point Analysis

               Executive Summary

               Claims Evaluation

               Medical Billing Reviews and Audits

               Specialized Mass Tort Reporting

               Canvassing Reports

               Master Discovery Reports

Again, this is only a sampling of the litigation support services we offer, so be sure to contact us to develop a tailored plan to address your specific needs. When your records are easy to use, your team can focus on negotiating better settlements, winning cases, and keeping your clients happy. That’s what it’s all about for us: making your work easier and more efficient.

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