October 23, 2019 Amanda Smith

How We Work: Many Users, One Account

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Did you know you can add multiple users to a single account through our secure portal? Our portal is built for speed and convenience, so this feature saves you the hassle of creating a separate account for each member of your team. Everything you need is contained in one centralized location.

Because everyone on your team is working through the same account, you eliminate the possibility of submitting duplicate records retrieval requests, and all members of your team can monitor the progress of requests when they need to do so, and they can access additional services when they need them. Collaboration is built right in. No more waiting for the right person to access the updates you need. You enjoy greater security and keep the whole team in the loop all the time.

Once you set up your primary account the rest is easy.

Step 1: Designate an account administrator.

This step does require a call to our customer care center, where our friendly and efficient specialists will help you designate an administrator (or administrators) for your account. It only takes a few minutes, and once this is done, you can manage your users remotely through our secure portal online—anytime, anywhere.

Step 2: Add Additional Users

Our portal can accommodate teams of all sizes, so your account administrator can add as many additional users as you need. Simply log on to the account through our secure portal and add new users under “Account Settings.” All you need are the names and email addresses for your new users.

Step 3: Manage Your Team

In the same tab under “Account Settings” you can easily manage your additional users. You can change their details (in the case of a name or email address change), assign new passwords for added security, or deactivate accounts as needed.

Because our secure portal is accessible 24/7, you can make these changes at your convenience, from your desktop or mobile device. Sometimes speed is necessary, and we put that speed in your hands. Like every part of our services, we strive to provide you with the most user-friendly and intuitive interface in the records retrieval industry.

Contact us to get started with a new account or expanding your existing account. We’re here to answer your questions and assist in any way that will make your team’s workflow run more smoothly.

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