January 11, 2019 Amanda Smith

Don’t Go It Alone with Records Retrieval

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We don’t have any side hustles at The Records Company. We specialize in locating, retrieving, and certifying records for law firms, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other third-party requesters. That’s all we do, and we love it. Our singular focus and our passion for the pursuit of records gives us unparalleled expertise. Here’s how that expertise works for you.

Better Results

If you’re handling records retrieval in-house, you may not be getting all the information you could be getting. When you submit a records retrieval request with us, that request is assigned to a client specialist– one human who oversees your request from start to finish. That personal attention comes with built-in advantages.

When preparing your request, your specialist will catch any errors or missing information in your forms and help you resolve those issues quickly. Your specialist’s expertise also means they can find and retrieve records and materials related to your request that you may not even know exist. For example, if you submit a request for medical records, your specialist knows to look for supporting materials adjacent to, but not necessarily included, in that record, such as imaging reports and lab results. Or, say you request an accident report. Our specialists may also check for related toxicology reports and EMS records. We then notify you of these additional materials so you can opt to retrieve them if you need them.

Shorter Wait Times

You may already know how we save you time by preparing and submitting the necessary forms for your request. The paperwork is only part of the equation. Our ever-expanding database of contacts gives our client specialists the knowledge that expedites records retrieval.

We know where and how to submit your requests because out of the hundreds of requests we process each week, the odds are good that we’ve worked with a records provider before. We know where and how to submit your requests. We know who to contact to resolve delays. Even when we’re working with a provider that is new to us, our experience tells us how organizations are structured, so we can navigate with ease. Our experience and expertise save you days, even weeks, of wait time.

Lower Costs

Here’s how we save our clients money: we negotiate. Our specialists are well-versed and up-to-date in the laws and regulations governing third-party records retrieval in all 50 states. We know what your records should cost, so we work with providers to ensure that is what your records do cost.

Because we do one thing, we do it with enthusiasm and excellence. You reap the rewards. Registration is easy, and you can contact us anytime with questions. Discover how much easier life can be when our expertise is working for you.

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