May 3, 2019 Amanda Smith

Meet the Competition with Records Retrieval

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The legal profession has always been highly competitive, and as the field changes and evolves to accommodate technological advances and external service providers, the competition can seem more intense than ever. While The Records Company can’t make the marketplace less competitive for you, we can give you some of the tools you need to compete more effectively.

Maximize Your Resources

As a small to mid-sized firm, you need to make the most of the resources you have. Larger firms have additional budgets and whole departments devoted to different aspects of litigation support, including record retrieval. By outsourcing with The Records Company, we become your own personal records retrieval department at a fraction of the cost of an in-house records retrieval department. You don’t need extra personnel or office space. You don’t have to commit to a long-term contract. You simply use our services when you need them.

Time is another resource that always seems to be in short supply. Because our resources allow us to retrieve records quickly, we deliver those records to you faster than you may retrieve them yourself. A more efficient workflow allows you to resolve cases faster, which keeps your clients satisfied and allows you to move on to new cases and clients sooner.

Keep Costs in Check

By outsourcing records retrieval to The Records Company, you don’t just save your firm the costs associated with records retrieval—the personnel and space, the hours of searching and contacting records providers—you also pass those savings along to your clients. Our expertise means we negotiate for the lowest costs allowed by state and local regulations, usually based on the cost of reproducing and transferring the records, plus our fee. A reliable and predictable fee structure means your clients won’t be surprised by additional payments or unexpected deductions once a settlement is established.

Happy Clients Make Better Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been a cornerstone of growth for any small to mid-sized business, including law firms. These days, you also need to think about the value of client reviews online as part of your marketing strategy. Providing superior service to clients means you resolve litigation quickly and efficiently at a fair cost. When clients are happy with your services, they let others know, which leads to a growing client roster and return business. Happy clients also lead to your own satisfaction with a job well done.

Like you, we at The Records Company are committed to providing a superior client experience. Our services are easy to use, and we deliver rapid results. Contact us to learn what else we can do to give your firm a competitive edge.


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