May 20, 2020 Amanda Smith

Outsourcing to Support Health and Safety

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As lockdowns wind down in many states, and people return to workplaces, it’s still important to consider the health and safety of your workforce during the upcoming changes. Whether we’re still working from home or not, our working environments will look different from the way they did before COVID-19. In addition to saving you man-hours and costs in a time when resources may be increasingly scarce, The Records Company offers a number of options that can help your staff maintain safe distancing strategies. If you’ve haven’t yet considered outsourcing records retrieval, release of information, or exhibit preparation services, now is a good time to think about making a change

Paper-Free, Contact-Free

Our secure, cloud-based platform eliminates paperwork, which eliminates the need for person-to-person contact. Using our secure online portal, you can order records of all kinds from all over the United States. You receive your records using the same portal. If you’re a healthcare provider, you can also use the portal to fulfill release-of-information requests. If you’re a law firm, you can save your paralegals precious hours and preserve their social distancing measures by requesting services from our menu of offerings for court-ready exhibit preparation.

Easy Collaboration

Because our system is set up to allow your whole team access to the records in your account, we make collaboration easy for any employees still working from home and for in-office staff who want to maintain distance. Designate an account administrator to manage logins and passwords for the team, and you’re off to the races.

Fast Turnaround

With so much of the healthcare system overwhelmed right now, you may wonder how long it will take to get records once you request them. Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you, and you’ll have an inside track to fast delivery of the records you need. Our nationwide network of contacts and deep understanding of medical records systems allow us to process and fulfill your requests quickly and efficiently, which is good news for you and for the record providers.

Service and Support

While we’re limiting physical contact to preserve our team’s health and safety as well as our clients’, that doesn’t mean we’re limiting the contact that allows us to provide you superior service for all your needs. We’ll still keep you up to date on every stage of your request, and we’re still here to assist you however we can. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your organization through this challenging time.


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