January 10, 2020 Amanda Smith

Try Outsourcing in the New Year

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At the start of a new year, it’s natural to take stock of your organization’s needs and think about how you can make better use of your resources to increase productivity and profit. If you’re reading this, your organization likely works with large volumes of medical records (among others), and you may be looking for ways to obtain those records more efficiently. If you’re new to outsourcing, our model is built to provide you with a host of benefits. Read on to learn how outsourcing records retrieval can help you reach your goals this year.

You want to reduce overhead costs.

Records retrieval operations require space for processing and storing those records. Why not use our office space instead of yours? Plus, our secure online portal eliminates paperwork and storage space for that paperwork. We even store your retrieved records on our secure servers, so you don’t need to maintain the infrastructure to keep the records in house—yet you’ll always have fast and easy access to whatever you need.

You want to streamline your personnel needs.

Processing records retrieval also requires manpower. By using our team of specialists for records retrieval, you don’t need to hire additional personnel to do the job. We charge a flat rate for each record we retrieve, and we offer lower rates for high-volume clients, which adds up to substantial savings over maintaining your own staff for records retrieval.

You want a more efficient workflow.

If you don’t have employees dedicated to records retrieval, that means you have staffers multitasking and retrieving records in addition to other duties. What if those employees were free to play to their strengths instead of spending hours on the job completing forms and making calls? In the meantime, we will play to our strengths on your behalf. Our client specialists have a nationwide network of contacts with healthcare service providers and hospitals. We know how to get the records you need quickly. Our expertise allows us to provide superior quality assurance as we check and double-check the records we retrieve against dates, providers, and the expected contents of a file, which reduces errors, do-overs, and wait times.


Employees requesting medical records don’t just need to know the process and resources for submitting requests and retrieving records. They need training for compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws. It helps your bottom line if they’re also adept with state laws governing costs of medical records release for third-party requestors. You could invest the time and dollars in training personnel in all these areas, or you could log in at The Records Company, where you have a fully trained, HIPAA-certified, multilingual team at the ready whenever you need us.

Settle Sooner

Our average turn-around time for records requests is around two weeks, and we retrieve most records within 30 days. Our low turn-around time and consistent results mean you reach settlements faster, which means your company serves more clients—which leads to a higher profit margin for you.

Maybe you have other goals for your organization that you hope to reach this year. Contact us and see how we can help you get there.

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